Who should clear up the cornflakes???

5 Hours after our "discussion" the cornflakes are still on the kitchen floor.......

England vs Germany was on today and it was one of the most important matches in recent times. I mentioned on Friday that I would watch it with my girlfriend as I thought I may be seeing the lads on Friday.

I didnt end up going out with the lads on Friday in the end and my girlfirend and I ended up going out for a nice dinner togeather.

Sunday (match day) came along and i got a call from a mate early in the morning ....just before breakfast....saying "mate lets go out to the pub and watch it - its gonna be great etc etc" - she was aware of this phonecall and said "go on just go out with your mate, otherwise you wont be happy if all your friends are out and your not - and im not going to lie i was tempted to go. But i had pledged to watch the match with my girlfriend so i kindly said i was busy to my friend.

I sat down at the kitchen table where she was and pour myself some cornflakes. She said "are you going??", to which i replied "No. im watching it with you".

At this point she said "no. you go with your friends - i know what you are like when you miss out on things with your friends - just go".

I said, " no, its fine, ive made a decision and im sticking with it". and i carried on with my cornflakes.

She kept on............"just go"..................just go...................just go.................

"No" i replied, "thanks but ill be watching it with you here as i said"

But she kept on badgering me and badgering me, and i didnt want to hear it - i just wanted to eat my cornflakes.

At this point i was getting annoyed because she had an absolute bee in her bonet about me going. and i clearly and calmly said "my decision is made - i will be watching it here - please stop provoking me as its making me angry".

She went away, then 2 seconds later was back in badgering me again.

Again i said ""my decision is made - i will be watching it here - please stop provoking me as its making me REALY angry".

She didnt stop.........so i threw some soggy cornflakes at her which made a mess and went to my bed room and sat on the bed.

i ended up going out to my brother house to get away from the bad atmos.

after the match, and despite the result not going my way, i came home with a rose and sat at the table (noticeing she had not cleaned the cornflakes up), and said "i am sorry for throwing cornflakes at you" and i would like an apology for you provoking me after clear and calm requests for you to stop.

She wouldnt applogie and argued her view, she only apologied when i almost walked out again, reluctantly.

When it came to talk about the cornflakes cleaning:

My position: there would be no cornflakes on the floor, if you didnt provoke me so terribley. and i would have cleaned them despite this as a show of good faith if you had of apologies for my part as i appologied for mine.

Her position: you threw them - you clean them up.

I would be interested on your thoughts on the argument -

and more importantly - who should clean up the cornflakes??!!!!

By Portugal 14 years ago :: Marriage
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