Was I wrong for protecting my dog?

My husband said that he wanted to go to bed, but a few minutes ago he stormed out and said that our dog peed on his blanket. We have 2 cats and a small (under 15 lb) dog, so it could have been any of the animals. I was standing next to my 2 year old (she was on the couch) and the dog was at my feet. My husband charged at him and I screamed, "Don't hit him, he doesn't even know what he did anymore!" He kicked my dog...hard, the poor thing yelped and went up in the air. I know I shouldn't have done it, but when I saw my husband pulling his leg back, I threw my arm out and hit him across the chest with the clean diaper I was holding in my hand. He became enraged and told me to never hit him again before slamming himself in our bedroom. What the hell just happened?!? I've been so stressed out lately and now this happens. I just had to get this out I guess, I have a feeling he's going to bring up me "abusing" him for many fights to come now....
By xoxo 14 years ago :: Marriage
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