What to do when you 'outgrow' a friendship?

I have been friends with this girl for 8 years. I can honestly think of no occasion when she has gone to any effort for me or anyone other than herself. For years, while single, she constantly demanded attention. Now she is in a relationship, she is never in touch and when she is, it is because he is busy, and she wants to talk about him or herself.
This is my own fault for not speaking up sooner. I am the kind of person who thinks that it is better to keep my opinion to myself to avoid an argument.
The problem is that now we have a lot of friends in common and her boyfriend is best friends with my boyfriend (from childhood - she met him because of me)
So what do I do? Pretend that I like her for the rest of my life? or be the horrible person that cuts her out of my life and causes tension for a lot of people?

By Mar23 14 years ago :: Friends
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