Boyfriend went out with friends and new female housemate without inviting me. Am I overreacting?

My boyfriend went out with two of his friends who are dating each other and a female housemate (shared student housing of 10 people) of his without asking me. I'm normally an easy going person but for the past month he has been really distant and our conversations last for 10 minutes on average every day. If I don't initiate them, I doubt we'd be having them at all. Most of the time he watches the world cup out in the lounge with his housemates and doesn't check his phone or MSN until 2 AM in the morning. (We had a talk about this yesterday.)

This in mind, I got pissed off when he told me. For one its too close to a double date to me, he hasn't been talking to me much and he didn't ask me. His excuse is that it was a last minute arrangement, I went out with a male friend of mine and he didn't care (I did invite him.), I don't like being called out that far just for dinner and she said she was hungry so he offered to bring her along.

I just went off at him and he apologized. Was what I did right or am I a jerk?
By Dregaille 14 years ago :: Dating
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