Husband is angry that first vacation we can spend together will not be with his family

My husband and I live on the west coast, my family in chicago, his family in the east coast. we have never taken a vacation or trip together, and I haven't taken a vacation since 2000. My husband is unemployed, and is in school, I just found out I will be layed off for 3 monthes I'm nervouse about money and because we have been under so much stress really want to take a real vacation a first trip together to Hawaii, or somewhere tropical. Before school starts I can send him home to visit his family. this I can afford.I can buy him a ticket home, and get us a vacation.
He is insulted I will not go with him. Going with him will cost 2 tickets instead of one and will eliminate our vacation together, also we have a dog that would need to be kenneled for a much longer time, costing more money. I admit I have reservations about going and spending money to see his familly because his dad is not to resectfull of me and I have been very upset the last 2 times I interacted with him. Money is tight, I would rather relax on a beach with my savings then eat ramen noodles while we are both laid off, then sit at his perants house. Am I being selfish???? His biggest issue is that his familly doesn't understand why I won't see them, I think both of us being unemployed , declaring bankruptsy, looseing a house was enough of an exsplaination Am I being ridiculous?
By beckyvegas 14 years ago :: Marriage
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