Im not sure how I am supposed to feel?

I have been dating this man since December 2009. We met in August through a mutual friend. He was recently going through a divorce and I had recently split from trying to work things out with my ex-husband. So it's been over 6 months now and he says he wants to move in together and get married because he feels we are "soulmates." My 11 year old daughter gets along great with him and his two kids, ages 5 and 6 love me. Everything seems to be going fantastic except I am not sure how I feel about his relationship with his ex-wife. Often, we will make plans and he will cancel them because his ex needs him to watch the kids. For example, we had plans tonight and she is sick so e has to have the kids. Friday she has a concert so we can't see eachother. If the kids get sick, she will go to work and guilt-trip him into staying with the kids, therefore canceling plans with me. I understand that having children makes things a little more difficult (I have one of my own) but how am I supposed to feel? I am confused and irritated. Is it suposed to be like this? He tells me his ex is "crazy" and since the divorce is not totally final, he wants to keep her happy in case she decides to see full custody. Please advise me in the best way to handle this situation.
By bubblegumpop121 14 years ago :: Dating
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