Should I put this out on my Facebook page, where a lot of people from my hometown I hope will see it?

This has been going on for years! My mom only has a few years left and she is spending them with a broken heart.

Here is what I want to post: I want everyone to know the truth about this and see these people for what they are - greedy, nasty, shallow people who are beating up on a sweet, giving 86 year old mom. My mom has taken care of their greedy, selfish dad for 30+ years and is still doing it. My mom's husband, Fred Moehle Sr. set his kids up as the power of attorney over his affairs a year or so before he laid down and decided to start dying. They immediately stripped her of her spousal rights. She is not allowed to take him for a walk in his wheelchair, bring him cookies (he might choke) or check on his condition at the hospital when he is there (they set up a password so she couldn't get any info). He hated my brothers and me so much that he was willing to leave his wife high and dry to make sure we never got any of his money. He made millions with his pharmacy and investing in pharmaceuticals back in the seventies and is sitting on all of it but has left my mother with next to nothing: a tiny allowance from a trust fund he set up in the 70's. My brothers and I always treated him with respect (wish I could take that back) and we NEVER asked him for anything - couldn't have cared less about his money and just wanted him to treat our mom well. His kids, Ann, Janet, Nancy and Fred Junior have all had opportunities to stop this but they want to be sure that she doesn't see any of the $. When my mother was in the hospital, with life-threatening conditions, her husband was able to, but never even came to visit her. On the other hand, she has spent years wiping his sorry butt and making sure he got fed and tenderly cared for at the nursing home and before. It has broken her heart. Tell everyone. These people are poison.
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