I wish my older brother had a companion to share his retirement and travels with.

He lives in Clarkston, MI. He is 60 years old. I think he is pretty attractive for his age but not a good judge of that. He has been married twice and had numerous relationships. He is opinionated, sometimes obnoxious, his language is rough, he smokes and he has been drinking too much because he is lonely and bored. On the upside, he is smart, interesting, has a great sense of humor, reads all the time, cooks like a pro, has an really cool Airstream camper, wants to travel and has a great house that he redesigned himself. He swears he is not lonely and doesn't need anyone but he is and does. He has stopped looking for anyone because he sabotages his relationships by acting like an ass. He is hard to get along with and would require someone really confident, smart and strong. His life would be so much better with someone in it. Know anyone who feels like taking him on? He would have a fit if he knew I was posting this question! HA!
By tufoldwarhorse 14 years ago :: Dating
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