How do I deal with my fiance's weight issues?

I like big guys. But my fiance has gotten bigger and bigger since I met him. His appearance doesn't bother me, but he has become so lazy and won't do anything when it's hot out. He even puts off showering because he says he feels like he's his own ecosystem afterward.

I also worry about his health and the example this is setting for our children. His children are just ever so slightly overweight and eat a lot of processed food. Fast food is regular for them, not a treat.

He has recently begun trying to lose weight, eat better. But he slips up very often. Tonight he insisted on pizza and said he'd have only two slices. I went to put the pizza away, and there WERE ONLY TWO SLICES LEFT. I had two slices, so he ate eight generously sized cuts of pie. I find stuff missing from my fridge all the time. When he does eat healthy food that I make or buy, he almost always overeats. Three, sometimes four servings. He rarely orders healthy options when we are dining out.

I am totally at a loss on how to deal with this. I have never insisted he lose weight, he comes to me and says he wants to do it. We've been together nearly three years, and he is embarrassed to be without a shirt around me. I want to help with his efforts, but I don't see how calling him out will help. It's not like he's actually losing weight, so I can't exactly compliment him on that.

I'm no skinny thing myself, but I do watch what I eat and I'm pretty active. When I try to get him involved with something, I turn around and find him in front of the TV, in the AC. This is so frustrating. I hope someone can give me some advice about how to approach this delicate subject. I know I wouldn't want my significant other harping on me about my weight!
By SirShee 14 years ago :: Marriage
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