Should I pay for an item broken I knocked over at an outdoor festival?

A friend and I recently participated in a festival (we do henna body art). Our tent was next to a woodworker. The woodworker we'll call Jim suggested we join the two tents with a tarp due to impending rain. When it started to rain I mentioned to him that perhaps the tarp would be a good idea so that at least along that edge we did not have a steady drip. Jim had a friend help him place a tarp between the two tents (approximately) a two foot section.

We left our set up as is, Jim started moving things around. Meanwhile I went to visit a tent selling books. Upon my return as I was showing the books to my friend I knocked over a handcrafted original item Jim had made. While I stepped out to look at books he placed two glass tables on the edge of his side between our two tents where the tarp was placed. He then put a custom piece which was made of wood and glass on the table. The piece was about two feet high and only 5 inches across.

The item was priced at $80. I was pissed to say the least that he had placed fragile items in between our two tents, instead of any of the other sides of his space. Initially I asked him what the cost would be to replace, he did not have an answer as the piece was made from a unique pc of glass which was now broken. My girlfriend said to me you have to pay for that it a custom pc. I honestly was not okay with that, but was quiet and went for a walk. I then offered $65, and he just stared at me...I looked at my girlfriend and she shook her head as in no, I should pay full price.

He later came back and sadly said he would take 45...I handed him $55, but still very pissed that his poor decision cost me money! What made it worse was Jim decided to make what he thought was funny jabs about it all day. At the end of the event I was extremely irritated.

Today as I look back on the scenario I and contemplating whether I should have given him anything for the item. It was his negligence I feel.
By roseboutique 14 years ago :: General
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