What is gonig on with the world this largely supported negative opinion?

OK so I'm posting this after much debate with myself. I respect anyone who does not wish to comment on a controversial issue such as this, but I do not quite understand the general opinion that all Muslim people are terrorists. (this being generalised I will explain further in my post).
This morning, I went on CNN.com and was reading an article about a site near Ground Zero that may or may not be used as a mosque. I started to read the comments and was surprised at how many people were not commenting on the mosque site, but just hating on all Muslims in general. Saying things like they should not be allowed in America. I was so naive in the past about this issue. The only reason that I would think that it would not be a good idea to put the mosque in that location is that the Muslim worshippers there would be endangered because of hate crimes.
I realize now just how naive I have been in the past about this debate. How can someone blame an entire religion for the terror that a small group of extremists did. I do not go around blaming every Christian person out there for the few extremist sects and cults that have popped up.
I have to say that I am sorely disappointed in my fellow humans out there right now. Not all of them of course. Im sure that many people have the same opinion as me, however many also seem to have thi bigoted response. As you know I am Canadian, not American, however I think that the 9/11 attack hit not only the USA but the entire world so it cannot be said that I am desensitized to the attack and therefore the opinion.
So what I want here is an explanation. Something that makes sense as to why. And maybe a reason to rant a little bit.
By Uhmm 14 years ago :: General
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