Need a male POV please, but women are more than welcome too :)

A man comes home from work and tells his wife that 2 of his female co-workers have been flirting with him. He gives 2 examples of things they have said to him like: "It's too bad you're taken" and "You could do so much better than your wife." The man admits to not standing up for his wife after these comments were made because he doesn't want turmoil in the work place.

The wife thanks her husband for his honesty, but admits that the women's inappropriate behaviour bothers her. The man then becomes angry, telling his wife that she is obsessing over his co-workers and that it shouldn't matter what they say since he comes home to her every night.

From that moment on the man only sees these women during work hours, he doesn't see or speak to them at any other time. He continues to bring them up in conversation now and again, becoming angry if his wife looks bothered. He also becomes upset when his wife tells him that she isn't comfortable when he suggests giving one of the women some used baby clothes/items from the home.

The wife makes a Facebook profile under her husband's name so that she can progress in her online games. He knows of it, but never logs on. 1 of the women sends friend requests regularly, but the wife deletes them each time without telling her spouse.

What do YOU think about all of this?

By xoxo 14 years ago :: Marriage
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