I really feel bad about the feelings I am having towards my son.

I have a 20 yr old son. His presence causes a lot of anxiety in me and I really don't want to be near him, much less live with him. The last argument was because I refuse to give him any more money and he demands it in a really nasty way. He is going to school and think that he deserves my help because he is doing :something" with his life. I asked that he finds a part time job, since he is going to school from Monday to Thursdays, so he could work Thursday evenings, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I don't think I am asking much, only a part time job to help with his transportation and food. I gave him some money on 4th of July so that he cleans my yard and as of today, the yard is still a mess. His room is a mess, and evrywhere he goes in the house he leaves a mess behind him. I am just so sick of asking, so sick of him!! When he asks for money and I reply that he should get a job, he replies with a " You are getting me to the edge", "I am going to sell drugs, if that's what you want", etc. He is emotionally abusive towards me and I am starting to hate him, and I don't even want to come home. My daughter is going to college, she is working since she is 16 and she helps around the house. Why the hell can't he work just like anybody else? My daughter is also getting tired of cleaning after him and trying to keep the peace. I don't want to see him. I don't want to live with him!! I want him out!! I am so tired!!!!!
By Brownsugar 12 years ago :: Parenting
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