If out of the blue, your BF breaks up with you- how to NOT have hope.

I am a positive person, but I dont want hope. He was my best friend, we lived togetether and were inseperable. It has only been 2 days, but I keep thinking he will miss me and come back. I DONT want to feel this way. He was very calm and rational when he broke up with me. He was sure of himself and his feelings of us "trying to hard" not being "meant" for each other. It was devestating. I noticed a pattern that he would get this way every 6 months, he is a commitment phobe and we were having some problems. But I believe people who love each other work through them. When this happened before, I would get him out of his head and he would thank me later and we had a cool happy beach life. This time I just sat and listened and asked him to leave. He left Wednesday morning. All of a sudden my world is upside down.
By eden760 13 years ago :: Dating
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