Workplace lawsuit? What would you do next if you have tried everything to prevent this from happening again?

Soooo, for the last almost 9 months, I've been dealing with this drug induced date rape issue where the serial rapist overdosed me.

The Sex Crimes detective blew off my case, and upon further research, I found out that him and his sargeant are the most corrupt government workers that I have ever witnessed.

The weird thing about my case is the fact that I used to work in the State workplace and knew him that way.

I did my own research and found that he's a serial predator rapist and he just keeps upping his game.

So after going through every possible chain of command, I go to Jon and ask for my case to be looked into and reopened and also the Sex Crimes department audited. They just cook'd the books and closed my case.

I pointed out how the Detective blew me off, kept giving me the run around and is just a plain liar. I have the emails from him where he got 'offended'.
I have the tape recorded phone calls where he's arrogant.
I have the letter from the Sargeant where he is backing the Detective.

The Attorney General just closed his investigation without even talking to me.
With this rapist, I have 18 months of state owned emails where after the fact, you can tell that he's been setting up the rape. He basically admits in an email where he did it to a married coworker.

This whole thing is unbelievable and I put it on myspace dot com.

If no one in the chain of command wants to listen to me, then my former coworkers and the entire State of Nebraska can sue the state (which I would hate to see.) But because of the Attorney General that claims to be an expert about online predators slammed the door on me, and the senators and Governor were passing the buck on the issue, it put all of the state workers in jeopardy.

My former coworkers know that this guy is a loser, everyone does.

So Jon and the detective and sargeant must have gotten a huge pay off from this guy's millionaire brother in law. (I have an email where the rapist says he is good friends with a cop in the same city where the detective and sargeant works and he's laughing because he knows how corrupt that city is.)

That's the only thing that we can come up with on why the case got closed and no one is stepping up to the plate.

My former coworkers know about guys like the the sargeant and detective because the managers in the same area as my former coworkers have had to deal with corruption from them and some of the higher ups.

This whole thing is unbelievable.

Jon won't even give me a hard copy letter stating the reason why he closed the case within 2 days and never even contacted me. He sent me a very rude email.

So all of the information is on my blogs on myspace for my coworkers to use. I've included a handful of attorneys in everything that I've emailed over the months just to keep everyone on the same page.

So I'm waiting to hear the Attorney Generals response. So are a lot of taxpaying citizens. The rapist needs to be stopped, because from my research he keeps upping his game. It's not funny, it's really sick.

By Riches544 16 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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