How do you know when its time for divorce?

I'm ready to get a divorce. My husband of twelve years just cannot provide the emotional support I need at this time. I've talked to him for all 12 years. I consider myself a very supportive wife. I have been the sole financial provider for 2 1/2 years since my husband was laid off. I have really tried to support him emotionally especially knowing the stress he is under being unable to find employment. I have supported him and all his career changes (opening a new business, going back to school, etc.) but I am now fed up. I literally hate my husband. Is this too harsh? I am very stressed at this time. At work I take on more responsibility with the same pay. I still do about 75% if house hold chores. My husband has no idea how to deescalate situations, he makes the home more stessful for me and the kids. I just can't take it. When i try to vent to him, he rudely interrupts the conversation with some off the wall comment. For instance I was venting about a stressful day while he's driving, and he interruptted to say look at that store or wait let me hear this on the radio. I get so upset. I have never been in a relationship and felt so alone. I'm not asking him to be a girlfriend and listen but I would like encouragement sometimes. Something like "you know everything will be ok". Life is only getting more and more stressful, and if I can't get support from my husband than who? Is this too petty? I'm really ready to end this.
By choczrn1 14 years ago :: Marriage
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