Not sure how to approach this... Help?

I'm not sure of my feelings... Iv bn with my bf for little over a year.
I just returned from a 3week holiday with one of my gfs.
I'm feeling suffocated I guess. I'm a very independant person and my partner is not- he's quite the opposite.
Upon returning last week, he hasn't left my sight. It's starting to bother me, I feel as if everything I do must include him. If I make plans to hang out with friends he gets upset as he thinks we should be spending the time together. Then of course, he asks if he can come along. I wouldn't mind except I feel like I need some space, some time to catch up with my friends-solo. He doesn't understand this and gets sulky. Iv tried explaining. He blames the holiday on making me independant again. I realize that yes it might seem that way but Im just trying to catch up with everyone after being away, and I would rather catch up solo as he's pretty much attached himself at the hip since I got back.
I guess all I want is a little breathing space, and less of the routine we have when we are together 24/7- how do i make him undrstand this without hurting his feelings? He's quite insecure and always assumes the worst.
By anon24 14 years ago :: Dating
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