Is this a fair deal?

I currently live in a college-affiliated apartment. So one of my roommates and I do not get along. Mainly it is because she can be very needy and controlling. I suspect its because she doesn't even go to college anymore (for the last year) and has a "real" job, so doesn't understand our chaotic schedules. For example, all of the cleaning in the apartment must be done to her specifications and she expects the rest of us (3 girls) to follow by her rules. A few weeks ago she even demanded that we tell her when we would be out of town and for how long over the summer break. I am just a bit more laid back, but please keep in mind I do put my fair share in and always clean up after myself.
Now that we are all finally moving out and parting ways (yay) we all decided what we are supposed to clean in the common areas (kitchen,living room,etc.). Since I'm the only one with a vacuum I volunteered to vacuum and carpet clean (spot removal mostly) the entire apartment, plus clean the microwave, and my drawer in the fridge. I was fine with this.
This morning she informs us that while she was cleaning the stove/oven it was much harder than she imagined and she now wants me to do it. Now she would clean the microwave instead, but how is this equal? I would also like to note that I rarely cook, not nearly as much a her or another roommate of ours. I just feel that she is unfairly targeting me. What should I do???
By owlgirl89 14 years ago :: Roommates
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