so there's this guy who works as a concierge at my building. i'm only 22 and he's also 22. I live in this building and he works at night. I liked him first then he told me he liked me back. I had been hanging out w/ him without sleep for 2 months. He asked me to see his sport game once which I went. But our first date was when I asked him to go eat and he took me to this fast food place and we bought it to go to eat it at a park. During his break during work at night, he came up to my apartment to 'snuggle' which he didn't try to do anything to me. No sex, no kissing. He said he wanted to take it slow so I said ok. Then he just went MIA for 3 days with a few bbing. But we never called each other.

Then again I asked him out to eat. He kinda never asked me out to eat... or to anywhere.. which kinda sucks. After we ate we came back to my apartment and he didn't drink normally, but that night he had like 3 shots and he was a bit tipsy. I told him he could stay over (and I totally acted like a whore) and he said no. Then I was upset and my face probably showed I was going to cry so he asked r u going to cry? I was like yea, then he pulled me over and kissed me. it was the first time! Then he was like I really do want to stay but I don't want to stay w/ drinks in me, I might push the line. I do like you and I don't want to ruin things up. And again, it was Sunday night and he went MIA for 3 days. Then when we met when he was working, he acted as if everything was fine. Then again tonight he asked to hang out w/ me (snuggle) during his break. and it was fine. he didn't kiss me! I just feel really weird with him..

Really I'm really confused I really like this guy. But he's totally confusing me... I don't want him to play me either... Do you think he's interested? What should I do? Like I've never met a guy like this before... Thank you so much for your help!
By veniceg 11 years ago :: Dating
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