Is it okay for my husband to involve my parents when we fight?

Everytime my parents are around and my husband and I fight, he makes a big scene. He gets very upset, shouts, pretends to be the victim and generally sulks for days. Lately he has started telling my parents how difficult it is to live with me and that he can't take it anymore. My parents ofcourse give him the benefit of the doubt and lecture me on how to behave and that I shouldn't fight with my husband. The thing is we fight as much as most couples do, its just that he makes a big thing out of it when my parents are around. When his parents visit and we fight, I never let them know or involve them, let alone tell them how difficult it is to live with their son! I hardly ever even tell my parents what I don't like about my husband and there are things I don't like about him. But he spares no chance to let them know how unhappy he is with me, as if he is made of pure white milk and has no flaws! I think it is terribly unfair to drag my parents into our fights...
By sandadeer 14 years ago :: Marriage
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