Breast Enlargement Blow Up

I'm in my early 20's and considering a breast enlargment. I'm currently a small B and wanting to upsize to a full C.
Reasons being:
1. My boobs are uneven,
2. One noticably bigger than the other,
3. Very saggy/stretchy and
4. They're flat above my nipple and 'fill out' underneath

I feel horrible about them. I won't go anywhere without a pushup bra. It's kinda killing my self esteem. I hate taking off my bra infront of my partner because I can FEEL them drop significantly.

Iv done some research and asked my partner his opinion. HE FLEW OFF THE HANDLE.
After coaxing the reasons why he was against this, iv found out:
- he thinks I'll leave him for someone better looking if u get nice boobs (we've bn together over a year)
- he doesn't like the thought of any extra attention I'll get from other guys (I understand this but I dress quite modestly and I only want a C- that's not exactly oggle worthy)
- he thinks I'll change for the worse and get 'snobby'

Obviously I got upset that he'd think those horrible things. He tried to mend this by saying that I'm perfect just the way I am and that he loves my boobs. (he has commented and joked about how funny n saggy they are multiple times)

Is his reaction just? Am I being selfish wanting this??

He said he'll respect my decision but won't support it
By Curious24 14 years ago :: Dating
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