Should I leave my husband?

Where do I start, lets see he never ever shares his feelings. The only emotion. I see out of him is Anger . I have a feeling that he is depressed and yes I have a medical background. We had such a wonderful day together yesterday, but when fights start over going into work for overtime to "help" out his team he goes crazy, I will never see the day where he would stay home from overtime for me. He is not even a good father, he keeps them in their room all day with a gate up. We were apart for 8 months with a Divorce on hand almost finished and also an order of protection against him that I dropped, I don't know why I guess I am stupid. I am really in love with this man but he seems to have attachment problems. Its like the more I love him the more of an ass he turns into. He will not talk his problems out instead he tells me to go away. He will leave when I try to call him he hangs up on me,won't answer his phone, and shuts it off all together just to upset me more. He has cut my self-esteem very low and now I am even getting depressed and upset all the time from his behavior. What do I do?
By Carlaina 14 years ago :: Marriage
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