She treats me like crap. Should I yell at her?

I love a girl thats a stripper. we have had sex 3 times but also had 3 huge arguments. we havent slept together in months since the arguments. we are friends but she doesnt like me the same way. anyways i dont like the way she has treated me the last few months. She tells people that im her b*tch. we live close to each other so when we would run into each other at the same bar she wouldnt even say hi. then she told people i was stalking her which is bs. she invites people to hang out right in front of me but doesnt invite me anymore. also she only texts or calls me when she needs something. she used to be so nice to me. now she treats me like crap. All ive ever done is spoil this girl. Should I yell at her for the way she has been treating me? Im getting really tired of it.
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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