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My best friend and I went out the other night and we had a great time. We've always had the kind of relationship where we can tell each other anything and eventually we'll figure it out, i mean we've known each other since kindergarten. But this time I don't think I can really ask her my opinion cuz she's kinda involved.

So we went out and she was like I want to tell you something but I don't want you to hate me. And I'm like hey your my best friend I could never hate you...well I don't hate her or have any nad feelings towards her but I don't know what to do with what she told me. She started by saying she doesn't like my boyfriend. Which I wasn't really surprised at for some reason. She says she doesn't trust him.

So maybe I should give you some background. My bf used to own a business in another city before I met him and recently sold it. He used to travel to visit his business all the time. but my friend now says she doesn't believe he even had it that he just said he did to make himself look good or something. Apparently what happened was another of our friends saw my bf (bcs we live about 1 1/2 hrs away from each other already) when he had told me that he was working in the other city.

Now I don't think anyone is lying to me. That's the thing I'm not really upset about this but I think that it's a mistake. Maybe she thought he was supposed to be away but he had already come back or something. I'm not sure though if I should bring it up with my bf or leave it. I trust him and I know that if I asked him that he would tell me the truth. But I think it might upset him if I bring it up or ask him, maybe he'd think that I don't trust him. Would I be stupid to just leave it be? I mean I think it's a mistake but for some reason I can't get it out of my head either. What do i do?
By Uhmm 14 years ago :: Dating
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