was i right? as i selfish in anyway?

its like this. Im a guy, and my friend is a girl. we've been really really close, but when she's mad at me, she goes for months not answering my calls or texts. this is total frustration for me, as it makes me feel so bad.

the situation-
on friday, we were supposed to go to our old school together to collect our certs. i was supposed to be there at 11.30, however, i was already 5 minutes away when she suddenly called and said 'ill meet you at school, ill drive myself there, because i have to fetch my brothers from another school nearby at 1pm anyway' then i answered 'there is no need, im only 5 minutes away'

then came a massive jam, and i only reached there 15 minutes later. so we went to school and had our certs collected, so we went to school and talked with a few of our teachers for quite a long time. both me and her forgot that we were supposed to pick her brothers up at 1pm.

by the time we realised, it was already 1.10 pm, but her brothers' school was just half a mile away. by the time we reached her brothers school, it was 1.15 pm.

then came a phone call from her father, who just got home from a business trip. i heard her say to herself b4 picking up the phone, 'omg, hes gonna be such a bitch'

then she spoke to her dad. her dad asked sternly 'YOU DO KNOW THAT YOUR BROTHERS FINISH AT 12.30 RIGHT' she said 'NO!' and even gave the phone to her brothers to talk to her dad. then her dad asked who was she with, and she said with my friend.

then when she put down the phone, she said to me, when i say ill drive i mean it okay. please let me.

I apologised.

past few days she's not been answering any of my calls or texts.
By James2121 14 years ago :: Friends
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