Do I Have Something To Worry About?

My bf is friends with an ex of his, which I can understand as I am still close mates with an old ex of mine... some say it cant happen, I believe in some cases it can. IF both parties are 100% over each other..

My bf said that in his last relationship the gf wouldnt allow him to be friends with the EX mentioned above because of the way she would hang off him when ever they were at the same function. So my bf cut her off.

After that relationship ended, he started to see the ex and hang out with her again.

He had mentioned to me that he was hanging out with a female friend and I thought nothing of it until a few weeks later it emerged that she was an EX.
I didnt like that it had been kept from me but didnt make an issue out of it. I trust my bf.

A few months later at a gathering I finally met her and we got to chatting, admittedly we had both been drinking.. however she informed me that she loved him like no other, that she still doesnt think she has ever gotten over him etc etc.. She made it clear that she was unimpressed that we had already fallen in love because in the time they were dating he would never say it to her.

I let this stuff slide, not wanting to cause any issues and understood how much my bf enjoyed having her as a mate in his life again.

A while after this she kept inviting him around and made excuses as why she just 'really needed his support right now' - in the end i got jack of it and told him what she had told me.

He didnt believe it to begin with and was angry at me.. we sorted it out and he swears that she just said it because she was drunk.

We still see her at gatherings and to be honest, I dont like the way she is round him - but I dont want to cause trouble..

She gives back handed compliments to me, asks sly questions and tries to make me insecure...

I want to know why - a. he was happy to cut her off for someone else, but not me even though i have tried my hardest to be excepting of the situation

b. why he cant see that if 2 of his girlfriends have had issues with this girl.. that there must really be an issue.

Can anyone shed any light?
By SkyHighCrew 11 years ago :: Dating
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