Right or Wrong to feel a little pissed over this?

My bf and I work in the same industry and because of this we stayed a secret for several months before letting people know we were together.

During this time people within the industry were trying to set him up with someone from within.. he told me and we had a laugh and it was no big deal.

Until it came time for me to work with this person who obviously liked him.

I played it cool and didnt mention anything..

She played dumb and pretended not to know who I was.
She asked all the see through questions and when she asked if I had a bf, I told her yes.. again she asked all the see through questions and pretended as if she had NO idea who he was. I let it slide.. I felt it was rather pathetic of her but still didnt like the idea of her trying to play me for a fool.

I came home and told my bf what had happened and said I didnt like being lied to from her and being played like a fool.. a few hours later he had a friend request from her on a social networking site.

We had a joke about it - it was rather funny that she pretended not to know him or his name yet found him and thought it was appropriate to add him as a friend. And he didnt add her.

He knew that it didnt sit right with me, the way she acted and as far as I knew he had no intention of adding her.

I went away for a few days with work and all of a sudden I saw that he added her.
Even though he knew she had lied to me, played me like a fool and acted as if she didnt know him..

Needless to say Im kind of hurt by this, and more so by the fact that he waited until I went away to accept her request knowing how much it annoyed me that she was being so sly?!

Am I right or wrong in being a little peeved??
By dingleberry 14 years ago :: Dating
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