Insecurities, Ex-girlfriend, and his mother...ugh!

Ok, So I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now in August...The first two years of our relationship was ROCKY!! I found out he was still currently seeing an Ex-girlfriend, I left him after our first year and continued to live my life without him...I still loved him though. After a couple of months we began talking again and he explained that he no longer wanted to be with her but he felt bad leaving her because she had helped him get on his feet and he felt that he owed her...he told me he was no longer seeing her so we continued to see each other, around this time he started bringing me around his mother(who happened to be very fond of this other women for what she did for her son)...his mother was very...not nice...and looked at me like a bug she wanted to squish. My BF explained how his mom was very fond of his ex and that they were good friends and that his mother felt weird being nice to both of us. I never heard about this Ex again in the rest of our 2nd year. Our 3rd anniversary we moved in together and moved a little farther away from his mother and my family..still drivable since he's a mama's boy. I found out that he still kept in touch with his ex through texts and his cellphone, and he says that she's a very good person and it was wrong what he did to her!! WTF! I told him I was not comfortable with it and that he just needed to Thank her for what she did for him and keep moving....His mother started to get a little nicer since we moved in and is less critical. Now that we are living together things seem to be getting better accept for occasional fights about household chores and money...he says "I love you" alot more offten now then he did before and things with his mom seem to be going better than I thought they would...

Although sometimes I feel that he may be comparing me to his EX (the holy grail..) when he says stupid things like, if we are out shopping he'll say "I like when a girl wears something like this, you should get that", and point to something that is totally not my style, or he'll pick something out that is his EX's style and ask me to wear it!! And then I'll ask "where did you get the vision of that particular style?? he'll clam up or get deffensive and change the topic. I havent pushed the subject of his ex lately have relaxed a bit on my insecurities of him cheating...but everytime I feel he may be comparing me to her those insecurities come rushing back.... He makes more money than I do, and sometimes I feel insecure because his Ex made an obscene amount of money a year...Sometimes Im broke and cant do much after I pay the bills, like go to movies, eat out, take a vacation, or things like that...With his ex girlfriend he was able to do all these things because money was never an issue....

What is my problem...Im walking on eggshells...any advice?
By 1badch1k 14 years ago :: Dating
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