Should I give up the life I've known for the last 18 years because husband has cheated once again?

I'm pretty sure my husband may have cheated on me once again. I've had my suspicions for a while now that that he's been too close with a female “friend” of ours.
This friend has been confiding in him more and more about her personal problems. It got to the point that it raised red flags with me. For good reason too.

After seeing how much they would talk in whisperws when they thought no one was watching and numerous cell phone call back and forth and his denyin that it was anything more than a friendhip. I kew it was more than that.

Why? He has a history of cheating with other women in some way or another. Until this recent issue I would usually find out after the fact and we would go round and round about it.
Anyway with this recent issue, I told him it made me uncomfortable because of his track record with him being involved with at least 4 women ( that I know of) in the past 3 years.
Each time I felt something was wrong I eventually found out that he had been cheating with someone ( in person and online) who he felt would listen and understand him better than I would. Which is a typical complaint of couples who get to that point in their marriages at some time or another.
Still though, there is no excuse to turn to another woman outside your marriage for comfort!
He always had some excuse for why he did what he did. Such as I felt that you no longer cared or out marriage was not what I felt it should be etc. I never completely forgave him for any of the things he did.
The reason I have not left him is because of the life we've built together in the last 18 years. I do not want to start all over again at my age (47) Maybe 47 is young to some of you out there and you may be saying it is no big deal to start your life over again.
Each of our 2 kids are grown and gone. He is retired and I do not work other than taking care of our horses, the dogs, the house the yard and everything in between.

The only thing that has kept us together, is the life we have with our horses and dogs and travelling all over the states whenever we want. It has been pretty good for the most part. Then he does something like this and it makes me think about what would it be like to not have any of those things and to start ALL over again?!
I look at it this way: I am set in my ways/habits and chances are pretty good that even if I ever found someone I was interested in that is around my age, they too would be set in their ways/ habits.
I would have to give up the life I've known for the last 18 years: a life that up till 4 years ago was pretty darned good, a life of being able to horse camping and trail riding all over the states throughout the year.
I'm sure one day I will finally reach my limit and decide that the life we have is not worth it anymore by living with a man who cheats ,whether it is an emotional affair or more than that.
By RocknLyn 14 years ago :: Marriage
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