I think this girl likes it when I treat her like a jerk. Being that that's the case, should I do so?

I met this girl about a month ago and was very taken with her beauty. I would say that she is the first slightly air-headed girl that I have ever dated. She told me she likes me, but "please don't become the type of guy I can walk all over." Whatever. There are other details about sex, etc, but I won't get into that. The point is, I think she likes it when I treat her like a jerk. Case in point: The other day, she was dropping me off after a boring opera, and I told her, quite forcefully: "Look at me. Do you like me? Do you see anything happening? Because if not, we're wasting each other's time and I don't see the point in spending another minute with you." She stammered a "yes," I smiled, and she drove off. A few hours later she sent me a text thanking me for confronting her and to "keep it up! :-)"
By Citizen66 15 years ago :: Dating
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