Boyfriend wants to smoke pot 24/7 & says he should be able to because he is successful and not lazy. i hate it

My bf likes to smoke it in the morning, during his lunch break from work and all evening. He's done it since he was 14 and he is now 29. I have expressed my dislike for it. He has cut down a bit, like not smoking every morning and lunch break during the week, but still likes to get as much as can. He is a very strong advocate of weed and feels it should be legal. He is very successful and not lazy, we always do things and are always on the go. He says he shouldn't have to cut down just because I was raised believing it was bad (his parents were okay with it). I don't expect him to quit, I would just prefer it in moderation, as one would have a glass of wine or a social drink. It is illegal in our state, I hate the smell, his breath, him always having it in his hand, his red eyes. Whenever he does have to break away from it for a period of time, he is short-tempered, pissy, argumentative etc. So its lose-lose for me :-(
By WonderingMind 14 years ago :: Dating
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