Christmas dilemma!!!!!

Hi All,

Thanks to those of you who answered my previous question! I have something else that came up the other day that I was wondering what people's opinions were. My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years, lived together for 1 year. When it comes to Christmas, I always find it hard - my parents live 4 hours away and I like to spend Christmas with them, and I also feel that if I didn't I'd feel really awful because my brother (also lives about 5 hrs from our parents) always spends Christmas with his wife's family no question. I hate the thought of them spending Christmas on their own, and I enjoy being with them at this time as well. However, I also would love to spend Christmas with my boyfriend… but his parents live in Ireland, we live in England, and he is adamant that every year he will be there for Christmas and New Year. The ideal situation would be to have everybody together, but unfortunately we live in a flat, and so not feasible to bring everyone to us. I have come to the conclusion that I would be happy to alternate where I spend Christmas, year on year, until we perhaps had a larger house etc. However, he always says that he has always spent Christmas back in Ireland, and feels that it is his time when he can spend a good chunk of time with his family etc. A friend of ours asked him the other day where he was spending Christmas this year, and he straight away said Ireland, I always do. She then asked if I was going over and he just said oh I don't know. I understand completely wanting to spend Christmas and New Year with family, but am I strange for wanting to spend it with him too?

In all other ways he is more than inclusive, always inviting me to family things and friend things... and I know his family are not putting pressure on him to be there. They have said to him that now he has a gf to consider etc, and even invited me to theirs for Christmas. He just never mentions it or asks me what I would like to do, or talks to me about if I'm ok with the whole situation.
By Elle83 14 years ago :: Dating
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