How can I resolve this? Girlfriend keeping me in the dark about everything alluva sudden!

ok guys i've posted a few times about my current girlfriend Sarah,

We've been going through this arguement for the past 3 or 4 years, and frankly I'm sick of feeling lied to. Don't know what to do so any opinions would be great folks.

Here's the problem. 4 years into a seemingly solid relationship, and we've yet to organise a holiday together because she has "no money" etc. Now a few months ago I heard the rumblings of a friend inviting people to a holiday home in Spain, cheap flights etc, and that was the end of it that discussion.

it's now a week before she leaves to go on holiday (which i've not been asked if I would consider going, always nice to be asked at least) and I've yet to be told she's going, all her friends have spoke openly about her going, but when Sarah's around she does her best to keep me out of the loop when it's discussed.

Why would your girlfriend of 4 years keep this from you until a week before she leaves? The face she's going without mentioning it before hand is annoying me considering my last post. This is NOT the first time this has happened and I want to know what I can say to her to make her stop leaving me out deliberately.

Any info would be good.

Thanks folks
By Jimbobskyline 14 years ago :: Dating
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