My ex gf wants to be friends, should i contact her after she has already called me? i want her back

So she broke up with me almost a week ago after 7 months and told me she wanted to remain friends. I told her i was fine with it but really i'm not. i miss her so much and i'm currently applying the no contact method which i learned in this get your ex gf back book that i read. the thing is she called me 2 days ago and asked me how i was doing and i acted happy and as if i was ok with everything. so my question is...should i call her next or should i keep with the No Contact rule. I'm still very much inlove with her and i dont want to screw up my chances and i also don't want to just be her friend that helps her with her problems. I want things to go back to the way they were.
Things you should know:
She lives about 2 hours away from were i'm currently living right now, i was living at her house before and i was supposed to just be where i am right now for about a week to give her some time because she's really stressed out about her life right now, so 2 days after i left she called me and told me that she needed to be single right now because it was to stressfull with me living with her. She said that she still really cares about but she doesn't know what her heart wants right now and she just wants to be friends.
By mike1234 14 years ago :: Dating
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