Please help with some adivce?

I'm 8months pregnant with a boy =) and I'm living with my boyfriend we've been together for 3years and this is our first child together. Ever since ummm I'm not sure the second year we both don't really talk about our feelings so openly..well once in a while get together and disccuss what bothers him about me and likewise.but I mean on a daily basis its kind of like whatever. Anyways I'm pregnant now and since the begining of my pregnancy I've been very emotional and just want to speak to him what I'm going through how I'm feeling..blah blah..well its so hard to when we argue I end up just screaming at him trying to kick him just goes in a cycle. Then it usually ends with me crying in my pillow to my self praying to god because I need someone to speak to.I've tried telling him ho I feel when were arguing but it obviously isn't working so what do I do now? Oh and I feel like he's not there the way I want him to be during this pregnancy meaning..touching the baby enuff unless I tell him touch my belly..and the talking part I told you about..also he gets mad and we both tell each other mean things like ur fat..I wish I wasn't with u and things like that. In the begining I was told I was misscarrying we got into an argument he pushed me and yelled out infront of his family ur not even pregnant..!! But end up we were pregnant with twins and I lost one twin. So I'm carrying the other twin thank u god..anyways what should we do to improve our relationship.and don't say break because were not
By godslove 14 years ago :: General
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