Is He Not That Into Me Anymore?

Well ive been with my boyfriend for about 5 months. Within this time he wanted a break wich lasted about one and a half days and broke up with me for 3 weeks. I know this sounds pretty childish but he is important to me. Everytime he came crawling back.
And everytime he wanted us to be really bad so i forgave him.
Fact is right now we have Summer holidays and he's with His Family in Germany and im with my Family on vacation as well. When he was about to leave he promised to mail and to call me frequently but this didnt happen. He called just once and only wrote when i did.
Truly said for like 3-4 weeks i didnt hear anything from him, then i wrote him a more or less sarcastic mail so He did write for about 3 days. He was like "he rather wants to be with me/wants to go to his next vacation with me". Then He told me to have Fun with my friends wich He doesnt know but He also told me to stay faithful. After that i wrote back that i love him and so on but since then i didnt hear anything from him. He didnt Tell me that He loves me for about two months and now i am worried that there is something else.
Because He already hurt me two times i always have the fear that it happens again.
Can anyone Tell me whats going on?
By MsHelpless 14 years ago :: Dating
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