My boyfriend might have a kids? i don't know what to think?

So sometime last month like in early July, my boyfriend one day said he needed to talk to me about something. He said it was something kinda bad. I got nervous then he finally told me that he might have kids from his ex cuz he kept having ppl go up to him and ask him about his kids. He said he was in work one day and his friend came up to him and asked him how are your daughters? My bf said what no i don't even have any kids and his friend was like yeah I heard you have 2 daughters or something like that. Then he said his dad came into town one day and asked the same thing. He asked how are your kids? Then he said he ran into his cousin at the store and once again she asked so how are your kids? and my bf said what are you talking about? I don't have any kids. He said he had like 5 ppl come up to him and ask him that so he got really worried and said well idk if this is all bullshiit or if it's really true. He said he didn't know about anything cuz last time he had sex with another girl was before we got together which was more than a year and a half ago. He said that his ex girlfriend had thought she was pregnant but she later found out she wasnt but he didn't know for sure cuz they had broke up or something... Then he tells me you know if I do have kids, this changes everything and I have to leave for the army in a month... Well that was over a month ago and he has never mentioned anything about might having kids from his ex or leaving to the army or anything. I know if he does have kids he would take fulll responsibility for them but he has never mentioned anything about it every since that day. That was like literally the only day he said something about it... everything is still normal. He still goes out with his friends and he still goes out with me. Sometimes I ask him, ' tell me honestly is something bothering you or are you hiding something from me?' and he says no, i'm fine. I am too afraid to ask him about him having kids. I know that's probably the only way i'll fine out the real truth but I would like to know your opinion.. Do you think he has kids or it was all just some bullshiit? oh yeah and I only want serious answers. please :)
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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