Is it OK for my husband to make my life miserable with fights over his family?

Hi there, me and my husband married after a few months dating and now married for over 6 months and already 10 months pregnant. Everything happened so quickly. We decided to have the smallest wedding of 2 and I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. He chose to hide it from his mother and plan a fake date as he did not want to upset her. so his plan was to wait until we go to NY and then after coming back say we married in NY! and that's what we did and now we have a fake date for anniversary!
anyhow, the second date of our marriage we had a fight over his family as instead of honey moon he had planned for us to go visit them as according to him they did not know we were married and it was Ok for them to wake us up early in the morning to only chat for 40 minutes.
Our fights started ever since and we always fight over his family. They always come first. After finding out that we were married ( fake date) his mother got pissed and did not even call to congratulate me. First time we met she gave me attitude and despite how hard I tried to build a relationship by buying her gifts and calling her mom and etc etc, she always took a few cheap shots at me in front of my husband and he always chose to ignore even though I had pointed out at him! She even was pissed at me bringing my dog to my home and not leaving MY DOG at my sister's! she had a lot to talk about my dog and sadly my very healthy dog just died a month after every thing she had to say.
she repeatedly pointed out his son 's bad behaviour such as liking dogs and etc and said he has changed a lot. Last time I met her she rolled her eyes when I mentioned my late mother did a great job raising me and also complained to her son that he loves me now and not her any more ( she always made it competition) and when I said to her that I loved her and was her daughter she said then get up and clean my house!!!
so I chose to stand up for my rights that night and that caused a lot fight with my husband him who never defended me defending his mother and calling me names!
I chose not see her until she respects me and stops constantly praising her son and bashing me for no reason!!
Her line is that no matter what I always defend my son so I had to tell her that I did not know I was your son's enemy and you needed to defend him!!!
now, it's been over 2 months that I have stopped talking to her however my husband still defend her, also defend her sister in law too when I say she was rude to ask me go to flush the toilet for her kid instead of her doing it!!
I am pregnant and my husband cares less about me or our baby on the way.
he has brought the worse out of me and I have become a yelling machine to prove my rights. I am exhausted and don't know what to do!
my husband yells and screams and gets physical which has made me get physical and kick too.

Please help. Please

By exhausted 13 years ago :: Marriage
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