how do i know if im in the wrong of my relationship or he is?

im 16 yrs old im dating 21 one yr old.. i know wat ur thinking already but i do love him.. everything was perfect at first until we started dating then it was like no more me hanging out wit guys which i did wat he asked there for i culdnt party like me and him both did all the time even if it wasnt together.. we started dating n thats wen my whole life was revolving around him if he didnt like me doing something i wuldnt do it.. he says he didnt trust me at the beginning of our relationship n now were 5 months in n now he trustest me but since he never trusted me i dont trust him at all.. i think he made me the way i am.. he thinks ive gone mad n crazy but i think since he wuld call me names ... he wuld make me feel like shit.. he'd make me cry that i shuld do it back.. after a month of us dating he broke up wit me cuz i was hanging out wit a guy... he called me a slut a nasty B**** and all kindas of stuff he'd say f*** you B**** its over and go all out on me then he wuld call me everyday and the third day he said he wanted to be wit me.. n things got better .. but not rlly he started trippin on me just talkin to ppl on myspace and the comments guys wuld leave me n the pics i wuld have on there.. so we ended up deleting that stuff n now we got facebook but things are a lil better on there not so bad.... but wat i dont like most is he does work monday-friday.. but hes told me he wuld quite drinking n he wuldnt i wuld tell him he culd smoke sometimes but he wuld do it everyday.. and i dont want him doing it all the time even wen im not around.. sometimes i feel like i come last to him drinking n smoking is more important i sit home everyday now changin my life for him from going out never being home to sittin home waiting for him... n for the psrt 3 weeks he did so much to me i dont want to get into the first time he hurt me it was bad he came here n i did hit him but he rlly messed wit me that night went to a bar got drunk n i heard girls in the back ground.. it hurt knowing he went out n left me here worring about him.. then fridays he suppose to come n get me after work and on fridays he wuld go to his friends tht he works wit n drinking there n try lying to me bout it ,... wen i can smell it on him... but worst of all ur suppose to come get me now get drunk wit ur friends n not tell me bout it until ur infront of my face, & the guys he hangs wit one time we were fightin n he told me he was gonna get messed up wit them cuz they got fine A** B***** his age going there all the time.. like that makes me feel any better about him being there.. n everytime we get into this he says im 21 yrs old im grown i can do watever i want... when i dont do watever i want i gave him my all he doesnt do the same so am i wrong to always be madd yellingg being mean to him .. exct. exct. whos wrong n whos right?
By uhlyse94 12 years ago :: Dating
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