Should I move for love?

I'm 20 this year. I met my bf while I was studying abroad (to be exact, just 3 months before the end of the program). We had a whirlwind romance and now we're doing long-distance. It's only been a month since I left the country.

I'm currently in my final semester of my accounting undergraduate and have a few more months left to graduation. I have the option of going to graduate school or start working. Either way, I really want to be near him


If I start working, I can't find jobs in his country because of the complicated working visa requirement. I'm also quite reluctant to spend a fortune (it is really huge sum) for graduate school just to be near him because it's not really necessary for accountants to have a Master's degree. By studying for a few years there, I will be eligible to apply for a visa which allows me to find work there. But then again, there is no guarantee that I'll be able to find a better job which will pay my student loan.

My bf is 2 years older than me and is currently working. He wants to come over to be with me but the circumstances don't allow for it at all. It is even harder for him to find a job in my country (strict working visa requirements and companies not too keen on hiring foreigners). Apart from that, he is the only child and his mom is not in the best of health.

My whole life plan has been changed since I met him. I've never dreamed of moving overseas. I've never planned of going to graduate school. It's really a big move for me and if I do graduate school, a huge financial investment as well. I'm scared to take this leap of faith.
By sugarpie 14 years ago :: Dating
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