to stay or not to stay?...

my boy friend and i have been together for over 3 years. we have been fighting A LOT lately and for the past 3 months or so it just gotten worse. im a full time student and school is about to start. last month i got a new job as a watress at a pool hall. since i got that job the fighting has gotten ten times worse. the problem is, he and i have completely different personalities. he is more introverted and MUCH more quiet, he doesnt like to go out and meet new people or anything that involves socializing. i, on the other hand, im the complete opposite. i LOVE to go out and have fun and hang out with new people, and i usually dont get home most nights until 3:30am. because if im working, we close at 2 and i still have to clean. anyway, so on my days off i want to go hang out with my friends and do stuff, i always ask him if he wants to go, and he never does. so now hes getting mad at me because he always wants me to stay home with him and watch tv, but thats not always fun for me. everytime i ask to go out he throws a HUGE fit like a 2 year old and eventually i just say i wont go bc i just want him to stop yelling! i just think to myself, do i want to do this for the rest of my life?! i still want the college experience, i want to make new friends and take road trips, im young, and i still want all that, but i know i cant have it if im still with him. i just dont know what to do, throwing away three years of my life is a big deal. please help me
By psychmajor 14 years ago :: Dating
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