What should i do about my Girlfriend

My girlfriend can be very sweet and lovable at times but on the other hand she is very mean and aggressive and hurtful on the other, and that happens VERY often. She gets angry very quickly and the stupidest things and she does not like to sit and negotiate about it she would rather just argue and fight. She says alot of harsh things to me when she is angry and sometimes I would even have to ASK her to say sorry, if not she isn't going to say it. I love her with all my heart because things were not like this before. I do not know what happened but she has just turned into this totally new person.

I sometimes think to myself that this relationship is to stressful and that i cannot deal with it and not to mention her mother does not even like me and tries to break us up. So that is added pressure. When i sit and think about breaking up with her or I try to, I can never go through with it. NO matter how hard i try i can never get it done because i love her so much, but i cannot continue to be treated like this.

I recently proposed to her and i think that was a stupid decision but i honestly thought that maybe if i made her happy by doing such(since she was always so excited about being married) that things would look better....but she still continues to treat me like dirt at some points. I told her on more than one occasion that i cannot deal with her treating me this way whenever she gets angry. Oh yea...not to mention she is VERY stubborn.

I do not know what to do anymore she just is not listening to me. She is very sweet and adorable as i said at times but she gets angry to quickly and does not like to reason things out but would rather bash me. What should i do...?
By Wildstylez 14 years ago :: Dating
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