I married a very childlike 51 year old man and not happy about it, what should I do?

I had only been married once, in my late teens for about 1.5 years. I stayed single for the next 28 years because I didn't want to make another mistake. I married last year to a very thoughful and caring man. Here's the crux, I am independent and he is Huey the Helicopter. He doesn't allow me out of site or check up on me or try to get me to eat somthing all the time. I've had this discussion with him and although he acknowledges it, the behavior continues. There's more, when I met him, he had a dog. Although sweet, this dog was never trained well, he was cat agressive (I have cat), destructive of property (anyone's), not corrrected and the worst was that he was trained that he could pee or poop in the bathtub and oftentimes would on the floor. He gave up the dog for me. My husband exibits so many childlike behaviors that I feel like a mom and not a wife. When he behaves in such a manner, I'll ask him how old do you think you are? He'll put up 4 fingers and say "this many". He has so many childlike behaviors that he brings home childhood type diseases (like chicken pox and coxsaxie virus). I've just missed a week of work because of this behavior. I'm afraid to use the same bathroom he uses and feel absolutely no physical attraction to him whatsoever because of these behaviors. Help!
By marriedmama 14 years ago :: Marriage
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