My hubby threars me about committing suicide,during our fights. Wot do i do?

We are married for three years and have a two years old baby. My hubby is absolutely authoritative,he takes me for granted. Abd if i ever try to protest he gets hyper,looses self control n threats me about committing suicide. Am not even allowed to show an off mood to sumthing i dont like becuz it triggers his anger. If i try to calm myself by sitting alone for sumwhile,it seems unnatural to him. If i react to sumthing,i am over reacting. But above all m so stressed about his threats,m on d verge of a nervous breakdown. He can vent out by shouting,accusing me or even crying but i CANT becuz he doesnt like it. It stresses him so i have to shut my feelings n emotions i cant vent out in anyway. Plz help me,how do i change this ill behaviour.
By Fatima 12 years ago :: Marriage
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