Please help! I am planning on getting my belly button pierced in two weeks, barbell or captive bead ring?

I'm planning on getting my belly button pierced, and I am super excited! But I can't decide which is the best way to go, barbell or captive bead ring. I know which one I prefer, but I want to choose the one that is best for the healing part of getting your belly button pierced. Some say captive bead ring so you can clean the whole thing, others say barbell because you don't need to clean out the whole thing and doing so only increases infection.

Help! I don't know which is true :$ My friends say the ring is less risk, but they got theirs done about 5 years ago when you could only get an ugly plain ring or barbell. I know things have changed, and surely more has been learned about the art of getting things things to heal successfully without terrible infections. Let me know your opinions and experiences.

---I know it will hurt, so you don't need to tell me that ;)
By junglejuice 14 years ago :: General
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