Is it okay to wear underwear that a past lover recently bought me for my birthday in front of my girlfriend?

I am madly in love with my girlfriend who I will call "M". We were high school friends who were too proud to profess our love for each other when we were young. After 11 years of not being in each others lives, we finally realized we are in love and are very happy. We have been dating since February 8th at 7 pm.

Here is the scoop:

I have a very good friend who I will call "S" who is a past lover. For my birthday, she bought me some really nice beige and coffee colored underwear from American Apparel. My current girlfriend "M" doesn't think that is appropriate and makes her feel uncomfortable. Now I know that sounds bad at first but read on.

"S" is a very good friend, the type that I would invite to my wedding if I did marry "M". AND she is married to my best friend. The reason she bought me that underwear is because she bought the same kind for her husband and she thinks he looks super hot in them. S bought the same kind for me so I can look hot for my current girlfriend. It isn't a power play or flirtation. She has a hippie mindset and has pure intentions. S, her husband and me all used to live together for awhile so we are very open about stuff like that.

I think I should be able to wear the underwear but M says no.

What do ya think?
By mygirlisdabomb 16 years ago :: Dating
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