The guy I like, is he a player?

I have always gone for the 'bad boys' and I know I deserve better.
I've liked this guy for ages and don't know if he feels the same. Sometimes I think he does, but the other day we went shopping with our friends and on the way home we nearly missed the bus *blah blah* (long story short) we were actually waiting for the bus for ages.

There have been 'rumors' going around about me, petty ones like I had sex in a bush and sex on a bench. I've known him for about 10years and he knows I would never do that. So he just tells me to brush it off. But he kept saying "shall we have a quick shag?" he was actually being serious, becuase I told him "I never know when you're being serious" then he said "im always serious with these things. So.. we obv didn't. (just to clear that up)

But he left one of his phones in my bag and stupidly I snooped, I found pictures of some girls in their undies, I know for a fact that it is his old phone and doesn't use it anymore, I looked at some texts and they said "2008-2009" but all his contacts bar two were females..?

He asked me to go round his house to say 'bye' before he went on hols, but I didn't I told him I was busy. He did seem pissed, but hes fine now. I feel like I'm there when he wants. Does he like me or am I being stupid ? Lay it on me.
...sorry, he's not a 'bad boy' he lovely.
my mum likes him too, he just likes his girls alot.
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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