Should I stay or should i go?

Im 19 and married to the father of my 2 yr old child. we got married to live together because my parents would not let him live with me or me move out other wise due to me being a minor. we fight constantly even in front of our son. he refuses counseling, even church, and denies having a problem in our marriage. i depend on him for everything and couldnt financially make it with out him. my son knows when we fight and gets aggressive at the first sign of frustration between us. he wont let me further my education in college and wants me to work at his company to be closer to him and spend more time with him. now i am working retail and i like what i do. i like having time away from him because we fight so much when we are together. if we should stay together, how should i convince him to go to conseling and how much would it cost? if i should leave what would be my first step to become independant of him?
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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