Am I being unreasonable?

My husband and I need to get our house sold PRONTO in order to prevent the bank from reposessing it and auctioning it off. The house market is not nearly as dire in Australia as it is elsewhere in the world, but I'd still hate to go through more stress than I have to about worrying if we'll have anything left to start again when we get back on track financially.

My problem is my husband has ALOT of stuff as he is a collector. I'm a collector too, and we agree on matters of taste most of the time. I wouldn't mind if it were neatly displayed or stored, but there are piles and piles of great stuff looking very unattractive in several of the rooms of our house. I've asked him to organise and store his things and he says yes to tell me what i want to hear one day, but time just keeps on passing.

He says he doesn't have time, but that's not true. He spends all day every Saturday, and some weeknights training and racing bmx. I've asked him to minimise the time he spends on his hobby so we can concentrate on this very urgent priority but he refuses and gets upset with me. It's not like I'm asking him to give it up, or minimise his hobby time forever, just until the house is sold.

Am I being unreasonable, or is he being self centred and selfish?
By OzMum72 12 years ago :: Marriage
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