To date or not to date?

I had a rship with a man for a year and a half, it didnt work.
A month later I met dave. All was great. Untill one weekend he changed how he was to me and showed his true colours. Me and dave broke up.

So now im single. A old flame contacted me and we decided to meet up for the first time in 3 years. Things were perfect things were like it was be four we went out own ways. He has a girlfriend and he has been with her for over 2 years. He says to me that they fight all the time. He also says that he wants to kiss me,I say no if i do then i might get feelings and i might be the one getting hurt and i dont need that. So he has gone to his girlfriends for the next to days to see what he has with her. And we will meet up on sunday to see what he has come up with.

While shopping at the supermarket i get asked out on a date. I said yes because i deserve to have fun while old flame is making his mind up.
By Rodda 14 years ago :: Dating
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